Food and Cloths Appeal


Help refugees by providing food
and clothes


The very bad crisis in Syria since 2011 had left people in need , orphans , widowers and disabled . Unfortunately due to the crisis continuing still the people are suffering with sharp lack of food, medicine, shelters and clothes. The winter this year was too heavy for people over there without enough warming fuel, clothes and food. Our duty in NASF to help out and relief as much we could those poor people by providing some urgent aids. So please share us the wage and help out by generous donation towards this aid.

Al Nour School

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Sponsor a teacher/student at Al Nour Schools
For only £20/M.




In line with our other projects in relieving people in Syria , we work hardly towards educating kids and teaching them properly in an ideal environment so they could grow up and share us the message. By sponsoring a teacher you could be the reason for bringing some kids from ignorance to knowledge and by sponsoring a child to be educated you will prepare the ground for a new human being to be made. And consequently you will be considered like who gave life to a soul and Allah pleasure you will get.

Education for children not to be considered less important than food and health, from this point of view NASF working hardly to sponsor Teachers and students at Al Nour Schools inside Syria . Priority for enrolling at these schools to be given to orphans and most needy children. So that we could enable those generation and provide an access for them to learn in an Ideal environment. By supporting NASF in this project you are bringing souls to life by providing Ilm and knowledge.

Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship


 Share you kids with orphans by Sponsoring an orphan or more and Get your kids blessed by Almighty Allah. 

Sponsor an orphan for only £20/M



In Islam orphans sponsorship is worship and a noble job has been known by every religion on the earth. In the Holy Quran Almighty Allah ordered us not to neglect the orphans or mis deal with them but to look after them and care about them. Our Lovely prophet peace be upon him promised the orphan sponsors by being with him the paradise. All of this give us a strong motivation to help, care and sponsor orphans around the world. Our duty in NASF to help sponsoring a hundreds of orphans who had been left without any sponsorship from anybody or organizations in Syria regardless the religion, ethnicity, political view or belongings. Our job only a pure humanitarian task as we consider orphans are orphans regardless where they are or who they are.

The big number of orphans in Syria waiting for you to be adopted and sponsored. Those little children can’t be left alone regardless who they are and where they are. By donating £20/M you will bring one soul to life or to the basic level of life. Those orphaned will need clothes, food and other expenses regularly so please try to share your kids with orphans by sponsoring a child or more so that you get your kids blessed by Almighty Allah (S.W.T).


page waqf

Secure your future in the hereafter by
Sadaqa Jaria(Waqf)



 Waqf is the most important financial/social institution in Islam, simply because this system would help to distribute money between people equally. The most important public service in the world had been provided through the system of Waqf= Trust such us Hospital, Universities and big projects. Imagine the result of establishing a waqf hospital in somewhere and the continuous wag from Allah to you even after you pass away. Islamically, the waqf is a sadaqa Jaria (continuous charity) and at the same time a unique sort of worship which was known since the prophet life (S.A.W).

Bank Interest

Bank Interest




Purify this money by donating them to charity.



In Islam bank interests are profited because they are considered to be usury (Riba) as the money increasing without real reason. Any way the interest money couldnot be prohibited in other cultures. But here we considered our audience to be a practising muslim and they don’t accept not HALAL money to be added to their account and at the same time they may get some interest from banks, insurance accident or other way. In this case NASF would help in receiving their money to be purified by using them in a suitable way according to the sharia’h compliance.




You could pay your zakat al mal or zakat al fitre
To support the needy.



 Zakat is a main pillar of Islam. It’s a main worship of Allah (S.W.T), Zakat is obligation duty on every single Muslim. It’s not a donation to be paid volunteeringly. It’s a must duty. There are two main conditions for Zakat Al Mal which are the Nisab and period of one calendar year of having the property/share, whereas Nisab means the minimum amount of property/share to be owned over the whole year to be eligible for paying a zakat. Zakat Al Mal percentage 2.5% to be excluded from the whole amount, whereas ZaKat al Fitr depend on the food and its value every year. By paying your Zakat to NASF you will be helping out those people of needy and elderly inside Syria and getting you Ajr at the same time.




Have you new born baby

AQIQA in Syria for only £100.




 AQIQA is the animal to be slaughtered and distrusted to be eaten by poor, needy and may be orphans. Islamically this is Sunnah for the new born babies. So that he could be blessed by Allah (S.W.T). You could have you new born baby AQIQA to be done inside Syria. In this way you will have to wages in one thing, firstly you will have your new born baby Aqiqa and secondly, you will feed poor and needy inside Syria.



Donate your Sadaqa to
Purify the rest of your
Money and get Baraka



Sadaqa in Islam is a voluntary charity any one could donate it for the sake of Allah (S.W.T). So he could purify his rest of money/property and even to help his patients to get remedy by donating money with intention of remedy for them as the prophet (S.A.A.W.S) referred to this in the Hadith. By giving you generous sadaqa to NASF then you are enabling us to continue for supporting our projects and our needy people inshallah.

Elderly/Widowers and Disabled Sponsorship

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 Sponsor elderly/Disable/Widower

For only £20/M



The crisis in Syria during the last 8 years had left a large amount of elderly/widowers and disabled people without any care or financial support. Those people are suffering some times more than the orphans themselves. As the orphans more lucky to receive aids and relief from organizations and individuals whereas those people considered to be second class of priority for those who donate. NASF is running this project to sponsor those most needy people inside Syria and bring them back to the minimum level of life by offering the basic daily staff for them.

Winter Appeal

Winter Appeal min



Share the warmness you get and
Your kids with orphans and needy.





Too many people inside Syria had been injured badly by the heavy snow over there and the recently flood had been taken place in Syria. The little children and widowers found no warm place to stay and clothes to be dressed.NASF now collecting clothes, donations for fuels and staff to help out those people over there and bring some warm to them in this hard weather.