Disable and Elderly people sponsorship




Picture4Due to the bad war in Syria too many people had been injured badly and too many others had been displaced from their original area due to the conflict over there. in addition to this this war left an elderly and disable people alone without any care of some body here or there except random aid every then and while. All of those people they were honered in their original places between their family and kids.


Picture1In fact disabled people and elderly were neglected at some stage due to the priority was given to the orphaned and emergency aid by donors and organizations on the ground.
NASF is appealing for those people to be looked after and bring them/their family to the basic levels of human life. In to many cases the disabled person in the family were parents and consequently the whole family will suffer due to the disability include children.





The cost of disable children or elderly people sponsorship will be £20 a month, which will cover the very basic staff for those suffering people and little kids. But in case the disabled person is the Father then each little kid will be paid for £20/Month.