Waqf Project (Endowment & Sadaqa Jaria)







Waqf is the Islamic endowment or as known Islamically Sadaqa Jaria, It is very old way for community co-operation model. Waqf is considered to be the most important institution in Islam.The important side in waqf that it enhances the socio-economical life and contributes to the main community economic. Although, waqf considered being a great way of worshiping in Islam and even in other religions as this system really help humanity to sustain and stable the main resources of living. Most of western countries use the endowment (Trust) vehicle to fulfil their noble objectives such as healthcare, poverty erasing and education.






w2The waqf project is aiming to provide the main community services. such as Healthcare and Medical centres ,Worshiping places, Streets opening, planting trees, Orphanages, Wells digging, Kitchen and Food providing, Animals Care, Schools and university and more. With this point of humanitarian view we think the whole stakeholders would work hard to enhance such as Waqf projects.






NASF would run this program to serve the community in the priority base or the community most need first. For now NASF would start by a school waqf project inside Syria to be built and run by NASF team.



This school will give the priority for orphaned children to enrol and then the most needy children. Our point of view is coming from realizing that knowledge and education would enhance and develop the thinking way of the community to erase poverty and sustain their resources. Stakeholder must involve their selves to achieve and fulfil the ultimate goal of Waqf project which is JUSTICE for all. And consequently the pleasant of Almighty Allah.



 The cost of this project is in total £200.000 . which it is £200/Share then a certificate of waqf donation will be issued for the donors by NASF and they will be updated repeatedly. Otherwise, we accept partial donation as well but without issuing a certificate of waqf donation.