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Giving & Forgiving

Build a Mosque

Uplift the displaced people in Syria with your Sadaqah today by building a Mosque to provide a place for Muslims filled with peace, care, and community.

Orphan Sponsorship

Is A worship and a noble job has been known by every Religion on the earth.

Shelter Waqf

Providing shelters for displaced families and for those who live in very difficult conditions.

Waqf Housing Association

In light of the instability and difficult living conditions in Syria, especially for the IDP’s (internally displaced people) a humanitarian imbalance arose that led to disastrous results at all levels, especially for orphan children, widows, the elderly, etc. This resulted in interventions from the civil organizations in the form of relief (food, medicine and tents) that were not sustainable, which reduced their capability at improving the condition of the IDP’s. Based on this vision, the Nour Al-Sham Foundation in Britain, in cooperation with the Syrian, Arab & British community of all sects in Britain and Europe, decided to launch a project of sustainable housing in the form of a permanent waqf (endowment) for the benefit of displaced families until they are able to return to their homes and respective homes in Syria.