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Who we are:

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Nour Al-Sham Foundation is a UK-based humanitarian aid organisation with charity No. 1172524, was set up by Syrian in the UK. It is operating mainly in the Middle East. It was set up in 2017. it serves to ease the suffering of poor, sick and needy. Our goal is to help the needy, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion.



We have a few staff members who perform key important roles but most of our team are made up of volunteers.



Our Objectives:
1) Alleviate the sufferings of poor and needy by providing emergency aid such as food, water and medical supply;
2) To educate children by providing educational institutions, student sponsorship;
3) To empower women and enabling them to participate in lifting poverty in their communities.
4) To sponsor orphaned, elderly and disable persons by providing the essential and basic requirements for life.



Trustee Board:

Ph.D Islamic studies at Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Graduated from Al Azhar University.

Osama Al Hilaly
MA Islamic Finance from Beirut .

1. Dr. M. Nabhan (ECO) at NASF.
2. Tariq Al Hasan (Fundraing Manager) at NASF.
3. Waleed Ramadan (Educatin Manager) at NASF.
4. Volunteers.

Annual Report:
NASF annual reports describe the work carried out by NASF and outline some of the most significant achievements and challenges.
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